Expeditions in Nepal

Nepal is home to the highest, most majestic mountain range on Earth, the Himalayas, and as such is truly a mountaineers’ paradise. It boasts 8 of the world’s 14 peaks over 8000m, including of course the highest of them all Mt Everest, as well as numerous other climbing and trekking peaks between 5000m and 8000m. To climb to the roof of the world and stand atop your own Himalayan peak, really is an unrivalled experience and at Explore Himalaya we can help you to achieve this experience of a lifetime.


  • Everest Expedition

    Everest Expedition

    • Duration: 60 Days
    • Grade: Very Difficult

    Even though the highest mountain in the world has been conquered many times in these forty six year since the…

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  • Lhotse Expedition

    Lhotse Expedition

    • Duration: 40 Days

    Lhotse" which means south peaks is part of the Everest massif. By virtue of it being 3km south of Mount…

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  • Manaslu Expedition

    Manaslu Expedition

    • Duration: 23 Days
    • Grade: Very Difficult

    This trek was officially opened to tourist in 1991, but mountaineering expeditions have had long access to the area. In…

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  • Annapurna Expedition

    Annapurna Expedition

    • Duration: 38 Days
    • Grade: Very Difficult

    Annapurna is a sanskrit word which when broken down, would mean, "Sustenance" and "filled with". So the name would translate…

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  • Pumari Expedition

    Pumari Expedition

    • Duration: 32 Days

    To the Northwest of Nepal lies the fascinating country of the legendry Sherpas. In this land of mountains, Pumori stands…

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  • Amadablam Expedition

    Amadablam Expedition

    • Duration: 28 Days
    • Grade: Very Difficult

    Ama Dablam has long been considered the prettiest mountain in the world. High on her Southwest face hangs a glacier…

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